// Set the character to play on this page // baby, man $voice = $_GET['postvoice']; // Is the post variable set? if (empty($voice)) { // if the post variable is empty is the cookie set if (isset($_COOKIE["speakmyipvoice"])) $voice = ($_COOKIE["speakmyipvoice"]); else $voice = "baby"; } // Is the cookie set? if (isset($_COOKIE["speakmyipvoice"])) // yes { $visited="welcomeback"; setcookie("speakmyipvoice", "$voice", time()+3600); } else // no then set it { $visited="welcome"; setcookie("speakmyipvoice", "$voice", time()+3600); } // Give me a random number 0-4 (5) $numbers = range(0, 2); shuffle($numbers); $rnd0 = $numbers[0]; // first random number $rnd1 = $numbers[1]; // next random, non repeating $rnd2 = $numbers[2]; // next random, non repeating // Set the base directory $basedir="/www/speakmyip.kitt.net/bits/$voice"; // grab the ip $ip_address="$_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]"; // Split up the ip address into octet variables $ip = split('[.]', $ip_address); $octet1 = str_split($ip[0], 1); $octet2 = str_split($ip[1], 1); $octet3 = str_split($ip[2], 1); $octet4 = str_split($ip[3], 1); // create the file from the parts // visited message + random selection of numbres and dots // $generator = shell_exec("/bin/cat $basedir/$rnd0/$visited $basedir/$rnd1/$octet1[0].mp3 $basedir/$rnd2/$octet1[1].mp3 $basedir/$rnd0/$octet1[2].mp3 $basedir/$rnd1/dot.mp3 $basedir/$rnd2/$octet2[0].mp3 $basedir/$rnd0/$octet2[1].mp3 $basedir/$rnd1/$octet2[2].mp3 $basedir/$rnd2/dot.mp3 $basedir/$rnd0/$octet3[0].mp3 $basedir/$rnd1/$octet3[1].mp3 $basedir/$rnd2/$octet3[2].mp3 $basedir/$rnd0/dot.mp3 $basedir/$rnd1/$octet4[0].mp3 $basedir/$rnd2/$octet4[1].mp3 $basedir/$rnd0/$octet4[2].mp3 > /www/speakmyip.kitt.net/bobs/$voice-$ip[0]-$ip[1]-$ip[2]-$ip[3].mp3 "); $generator = shell_exec("/bin/cat $basedir/$visited-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/youripis-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/$octet1[0]-$rnd1.mp3 $basedir/$octet1[1]-$rnd2.mp3 $basedir/$octet1[2]-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/dot-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/$octet2[0]-$rnd2.mp3 $basedir/$octet2[1]-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/$octet2[2]-$rnd1.mp3 $basedir/dot-$rnd1.mp3 $basedir/$octet3[0]-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/$octet3[1]-$rnd1.mp3 $basedir/$octet3[2]-$rnd2.mp3 $basedir/dot-$rnd2.mp3 $basedir/$octet4[0]-$rnd1.mp3 $basedir/$octet4[1]-$rnd2.mp3 $basedir/$octet4[2]-$rnd0.mp3 $basedir/goodbye-$rnd0.mp3 > /www/speakmyip.kitt.net/bobs/$voice-$ip[0]-$ip[1]-$ip[2]-$ip[3].mp3 "); ?> SpeakMyIp.com Hear Your IP Address spoken by a

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